Services and Events

In addition to our community ministries, our main church services are as follows:


Morning Worship and Communion.... 11am

Our morning worship is a service of praise and thanksgiving and is an opportunity to come together to share in The Lord's Supper as we remember and give thanks for Christ dying for our sins, the bread and wine are signs and seals of all that God gives to us in the Gospel. Some time is also spent listening to the Word of God being preached from the Bible, in this we are reminded of the good news of the gospel and are both encouraged and helped as we look to Christ and the kind of life He brings us into.

Gospel Service.... 7pm

In the Sunday night gospel service we meet to both celebrate the Good news of Salvation, freedom and hope in Jesus Christ in songs of praise, and to hear that good news proclaimed. Whether you are a Christian or not we invite you to join with us to hear the message that delivers true hope for life now and the life to come.

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Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.... 8pm

We meet every Tuesday for Bible Study and Prayer. For the first 25 minutes we have teaching from the bible then we spend the next 45 minutes or so in prayer spending a little time on each of the following matters, praying for those who are ill, praying for the work in Zion and then praying for missionaries and for the persecuted church.

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Womens Missionary Association (WMA)

The Womens Missionary Association (WMA) meeting is held at 7.30pm on the third Saturday of each month from September to May. The WMA is a relaxed evening specifically for women where there is an opportunity to learn more about and support gospel missions both locally and globally. There are regular visits from missionaries and mission representatives.

What can you expect at our main services?

The preaching will be bible-based, Christ-centred and gospel driven. The worship will be a contemporary mix of modern and traditional songs that aims first to be God-glorifying as well as biblically true and practically encouraging.

Zion Christian Life Church offers an open and down to earth environment, where friendship, hospitality and a sincere welcome is extended to all.


The church supports world missions and encourages personal support of world missions among its congregation. At present the church specifically supports the following missions:.